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Too many people suffer at the hands of debt collectors, but an Encino, CA collections lawyer wants you to know that you don’t have to stand for it. All too often debt collection agencies harass or purposefully annoy people as a way to disrupt their lives. They do so knowingly and with intent to cause interference. The team at Resolve Law Group is here to intervene so that all unlawful collection attempts halt immediately. We understand the emotional toll that pestering collection agencies can have on someone’s mental state. We know what people’s rights are, and can come to your side right away to protect you from further mistreatment.
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Debt Collection Harassment

There are numerous ways that debt collection agencies may violate people’s rights. By law, a debt collector is not permitted to call too often, contact you after you have notified them in writing to stop, contact you at work after you have notified them to stop, calling family and friends, calling your employer, disclosing your debts to others, suing you for old debt, using profanity, threatening you with arrest or jail time if you don’t pay, or threatening to garnish washes or obtain assets before having sued you. Debt collectors are not allowed to speak to most of your contacts, such as family, friends, or references. What they can do is call but only to obtain what your current location information is, like your home phone number, work address, or home address. But if they already have those details, they are not permitted to reach out to third parties at all.

Sending A Cease Contact Letter

By law, if you send a letter to a collection agency requesting that they halt all contact, they must obey. Telling them on the phone unfortunately does not count, you have to send in a letter. Your Encino collections lawyer can help you draft a simple and concise letter that states the agency is to stop contacting you through any method, whether in writing, phone call, or email. In response, the debt collector has to legally stop reaching out to you. If they do not stop, then this situation warrants having a lawyer enforce your rights. Even if they do stop, a person has the right to sue for misconduct that happened in the past. For those who need assistance with relentless debt collectors, don’t hesitate to get help.

Having A Lawyer Intervene

Debt collection companies don’t care about the people they harass. They are so focused on getting payments that they don’t respect the rights and protections that people have. But you can trust that at Resolve Law Group, we are not afraid to hold these agencies accountable for their harmful behavior. Just because you owe a debt doesn’t mean you should be mistreated. Let us put a stop to the harassment today. You don’t have to accept how you are being treated. You deserve so much more. If you are ready to set boundaries between yourself and debt collectors, now is the time to have a lawyer intervene.

The Role Of A Collections Lawyer

An Encino, CA collections lawyer, also known as a debt collection attorney, plays a big role in the legal landscape, specializing in matters related to the collection of unpaid debts. These legal professionals from Resolve Law Group work on behalf of creditors, such as banks, financial institutions, businesses, and individuals, to recover outstanding debts from individuals or entities who have failed to fulfill their financial obligations. While the work of a collections lawyer may not always be perceived in a positive light, it is an essential aspect of maintaining the financial health of businesses and individuals alike.

Expertise In Debt Collection Laws

Collections lawyers know a lot about the laws and regulations governing debt collection practices in their respective jurisdictions. Their expertise extends to both federal and state laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) in the United States, which sets out guidelines for debt collectors and protects consumers from abusive or unfair debt collection practices. By ensuring compliance with these laws, collections lawyers help their clients avoid legal pitfalls and potential liabilities.

Legal Actions To Recover Debts

One of the primary responsibilities of a collections lawyer is to initiate legal actions to recover outstanding debts. This may involve sending demand letters to debtors, filing lawsuits, obtaining judgments, and executing legal remedies such as garnishing wages or seizing assets to satisfy the debt. These actions are taken within the bounds of the law, and collections lawyers are well-versed in navigating the complexities of the legal system to achieve favorable outcomes for their clients.

Mediation And Negotiation

Collections lawyers also serve as mediators between creditors and debtors, attempting to negotiate settlements or payment plans that are acceptable to both parties. This mediation process can often prevent the need for protracted legal battles and can lead to quicker resolution of debt disputes. Successful negotiations can result in debtors agreeing to repay the debt in a structured manner, helping creditors recover some or all of the owed funds without resorting to litigation.

Legal Guidance On Debt Collection

An Encino collections lawyer also provides valuable legal advice to their clients on matters related to debt collection. They help creditors establish effective credit and collection policies to minimize the risk of non-payment in the first place. By offering guidance on the appropriate documentation and record-keeping processes, collections lawyers assist their clients in building strong cases should litigation become necessary.

Analyzing Debtors' Financial Circumstances

Collections lawyers are also skilled in evaluating the financial circumstances of debtors to determine their ability to repay debts. They may conduct asset searches, review financial statements, and assess the debtor's creditworthiness to devise effective collection strategies. This analysis allows collections lawyers to tailor their approach based on the unique circumstances of each case.

Adherence To Ethical Standards

Understand that collections lawyers must adhere to strict ethical standards and conduct themselves professionally at all times. They must treat debtors with respect and fairness, adhering to all applicable laws and regulations. Failure to do so can result in legal consequences and damage to their professional reputation.

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